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Newborn oral care is slightly different as they do not have their primary teeth. By washing your newborns gums with a soft cloth and warm water after every meal you will keep the gums healthy and help establish good oral hygiene habits.

Primary Teeth

The main responsibility of infant teeth (primary teeth) is to provide the face its form and appearance. The onset of infant teeth begins as early as 3 months but can be delayed up to 1 year. The typical order that the primary teeth erupt into the mouth is:

  1. The two bottom front teeth (central incisors)
  2. The four upper front teeth (central and lateral incisors)
  3. The two lower lateral incisors
  4. The first molars.
  5. The four canines (located on either side next to the upper and lower lateral incisors)

Oral care for primary teeth should begin at the onset of the first teeth. Around 5-8 months of age you can begin to use a soft bristle tooth brush to clean your baby’s teeth. We caution the use of fluoridated tooth pastes until the child is able to completely expectorate on their own. We also strongly recommend that you never put your infant to bed with a bottle of milk, juice or sugar water as it leads to a severe form of dental disease called nursing bottle caries.

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