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A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw to replace missing natural roots. Implants are usually composed of titanium. Implants fuse to your own bone and by doing so they help to prevent continued bone loss due to atrophy. When teeth have been missing for a while, a bone graft might be required to build up the site so that the implant can be properly supported.

Dental implants can replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth therefore improving the look of your smile. Implants are a great way to provide support to full and partial dentures so you can eat and speak more comfortably. When several adjacent teeth are missing, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is a great solution to replace missing teeth without having to change or modify adjacent natural teeth. Implants normally take about 6 to 12 months to complete dependant on healing times. Implant surgery has become a fairly routine procedure in a dental office allowing the patient to have local anesthetic or sedation. Considering that implants are minor surgery, some of our patients have even returned back to work the next day!  Over time the implant will integrate to the bone around it and with proper care and good oral hygiene can actually last a lifetime.  Whether you are missing one, several, or all your teeth, there is an implant solution for you:

SINGLE TOOTH: Before implants, dentist had to remove precious tooth structure from adjacent teeth to replace a single missing tooth.  Now a single dental implant can be used to hold a replacement crown securely in place with great cosmetic results.

SEVERAL TEETH:  When replacing multiple teeth, a fixed bridge can be anchored to dental implants as a permanent solution that doesn’t damage the adjacent teeth

ALL TEETH:  An entire arch of teeth can be anchored to several dental implants to give you a permanent non-removable solution allowing you to eat and function as you would with natural teeth.  Alternatively, and more economically, a removable denture can be made to snap onto either a ball or a bar attachment which in turn is anchored to two or more implants thus resulting in a more retentive yet removable prosthesis. Implants are a great way to make your dentures more comfortable and functional.

A smile is a very important part of your life. So if you are missing teeth and want to regain confidence, look better and enhance your smile call our office and we will be more than happy to inform you about your options and help you get one step closer to a beautiful smile.

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